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Find the Truth: 
dia-org.gif (96 bytes) On-Line Bible *****
dia-org.gif (96 bytes) Cornerstone Church SA 
     - John Hagee, Pastor

dia-org.gif (96 bytes) Community Bible Church 
- Robert Emmitt, Pastor

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Gov Abuse  
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 Lamestream Media:
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ABC News
CBS News
NBC News
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The Best: (alphabetical order)
Breitbart News ***
dia-grn.gif (96 bytes) Canada Free Press  
Daily Mail UK ***
FoxNews ***

Heritage Foundation

The Rest: (alphavetical order)
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dia-grn.gif (96 bytes) Commie  
Chicago Tribune
Dallas Morning News
DC Clothsline  
Fellowship of the Minds **
Los Angeles Times 
Miami Herald  
New York Post
New York Dailey 
New York Times 
Newsweek ***  ***  
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       (British News) 
Wall Street Journal  
Washington Free Beacon
dia-grn.gif (96 bytes) USA Today
UT's DailyTexan-online 

 Talk Show Hosts:  
    - Trey Ware, KTSA
    - JoePags, WOAI
    - Rush Limbaugh  
    - Mike Huckabee 
    - *** 
    - GlennBeck,com 
    - Karl 
    - Rick Wiles on TruNews

 Patriotic Websites:

 of Hillary Clinton - by Kathleen Willey

Commie Blaster
Convention of States
 The DrudgeReport

FAIR-Immigration Facts
Impeach BO campaign *****

     (Alex Jones) 
San Antonio Current * *** 
dia-grn.gif (96 bytes) The National Review * ***
dia-grn.gif (96 bytes) OneNewsNow
PajamasMediaTV ***
dia-grn.gif (96 bytes) Patriot Update 
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Protect UR Texas Border
dia-red.gif (96 bytes) Recovery.GOV

dia-red.gif (96 bytes)  (w/ cartoons)
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dia-grn.gif (96 bytes) WebProNews * 
dia-grn.gif (96 bytes) WesternVoicesWorldNews 
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 Anti-American websites:
Homeland Security US 
Obama Supporters Forum  

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